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       Shandong Birmingham environmental engineering co., LTD., specializing in the production of water treatment equipment,Water reuse equipment,For urea production equipment、Seawater desalination equipment、Reverse osmosis equipment、Pure water equipment、Mineral water equipment、Deionized water equipment、Water purification equipment、Demineralized water equipment and other products,According to customer requirements to provide water treatment solutions,Is specialized in the production of domestic water treatment equipment manufacturers。   My company has a group of professionally system study and practice of technical personnel,To provide customers with the design of the whole project、Production、The installation、Debugging、After-sales service and so on a series of work,Can provide users with the detailed technical information and engineering solutions。   Our purpose is:Cooperate with you,Committed to water treatment、Water prevention and control of research and development,With high quality products、Perfect after-sales service and technical support,Fully meet your various needs。   Birmingham to extremely excellent design of water treatment,Seiko quality production concept,Perfect after-sales service,Service water treatment industry in China!        The company always pursues“The user is supreme,Quality assurance”The virtue of policy。Provide technical training,Responsible for the installation and debugging,Pay attention to after-sales service,In the same good quality,The price is low,Over the years, favored by the majority of users trust and praise,We will be better to consider your wishes and Suggestions,Use our products to help our partner to produce more competitive products in the market。 ……To view more
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