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22In paper industry

Independent brand production and paper mills set many wholesale base of high quality suppliers,Passing by22Years of entrepreneurship development,Has three branch,To implement the trade, production and sales integration。

The equipment is complete · High brand awareness

The factory equipped with many sets of paper cutting、Pasting、Bei paper、Rewinding、Drum gravure printing and drying equipment(48mDrying production line),Can undertake all kinds of paper products deep processing according to customer's requirement,Solve the problem of multi-party procurement efficiency and high cost

One-stop packaging suppliers

Quality is reliable:Provide all kinds of grey board、The black cardboard、The whiteboard paper copy paper and printing, etc,Regular size spot wholesale can customize special specifications according to customer's requirements。Products through the professional strict inspection and through a number of product quality certification

Distribution efficiency more worry

Have a delivery team,Dongguan、Shenzhen, the pearl river delta region all can arrange delivery,Customer provide third party line logistics distribution:With years experience in logistics,Our company has accumulated rich third party logistics(Freight and shipping),High cost performance,Safe and reliable

Global marketing network

Marketing network in dongguan、Shenzhen as the center to cover the entire pearl river delta region,And exported to other provinces around and even abroad,Deeply the general customers trust and praise。The plant through theISO9001:2008Quality management system certificationFSCForest certification

Case presentation
Dongguan city tianshan paper co., LTD-about us
Dongguan city tianshan paper co., LTD
Dongguan city tianshan paper co., LTD., founded in2004Years,Company headquarters is located in the town of dongguan city DaLang rhino vicious,Sci-tech industrial park adjacent to the dongguan songshan lake,Is a in order to manage the business type of wrapping paper and industrial paper production and processing enterprises。
The company after years of entrepreneurship development,Tianshan strength growing,Now has three branch,Production is realized、Pin、Trade integration。Marketing network in dongguan、Shenzhen as the center,Cover the entire pearl river delta、Radiation inland、Sells in distant markets overseas,In the industry won a good...

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What are the main grey board, gram weight and production size range

Grey board, mainly from the250-2400G,If you need in Gao Kechong words can also processing pasting in another,One of them250-650GTo do reel specification,650GAbove for a tablet the specification,G is50A partition,Namely250,300GAnd so on!Grey board size range:300-650G的,1-2The machine,Is the biggest size1.4*1.4M,Drum is most the breadth to do1800MM;3Number

Copy paper printing maximum size and positioning cutting range

Now we have two sets of machine6And color machine3Each one color machine:6Color printing machine is the widest84CMOr less,3Wide color pattern1.4MThe most wide printing1.2MOr less,Cutting length can be according to customer requirements,Can package or flat piece of specifications!Locate the cutting17GCan be cut76.2*80CM,22g的76.2*1M,Is not the same as the paper gram weight,Cutting length,Follow-up factory machines in the notice!Printing color1-6Color,Provide drawings

Copy paper can do offset printing?

Copy paper in addition to the common drum gravure printing on the market,Offset printing is also used in earlier years more,But because of its printing is slow,The printing effect is poorer,So more and more not commonly used.
The working principle of lithography copy paper is how to?Lithography based on the principle of oil and water repellent,The printing process is:

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