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       Guangdong Wen Xing steel pipe co., LTD is specializing in the production of galvanized wire tube、Metal trough、Cable tray、Aluminum alloy bridge、Metal coil、Hot dip galvanized wire tube、Galvanized trough、Galvanized steel pipe、Wen Xing trough、Wen Xing line pipe、Wen Xingqiao frame、Wire tube、Spraying bridge、Square tube、Furniture tube、Guardrail tube、We produce rack plating、Stainless steel bridge、Through quickly、Quick cup of comb、Fast elbow、Code from the wall、Steel hook and other products processing co., LTD。Is guangdong province collection service、Development、Design、Production、Sales in the integration of product variety is complete。Company and the product enjoys many honors:“China famous brand”、“China engineering construction preferred(Brand)Products”、“AAA+China quality credit enterprise”、“National standards testing brand continuously”、“Credibility and stability of the quality assurance”、“The national consumers recognized satisfactory products”、“Keep the contract in guangdong province、Heavy credit enterprise”、“The private technology enterprises in guangzhou”、“Guangzhou customer satisfaction products”。     Now our company headquarters moved to a wholly foreign-owned construction“Wen Xing industrial park”Inside。Industrial park is located in the southern metropolis--Guangzhou baiyun district, guangdong province, a good way1816Number,Cover an area of an area30Mu,Building area30000M2。      Wen Xing steel pipe all staff in line with Wen Xing steel pipe“Manufacturing defect,Do not pass defect,Don't accept defect”The quality of the concept,All the staff under the guidance of general manager liao ZhangWu,Work together,Forge ahead,The good faith management,The products of the company in guangdong、Guangxi、In hunan province、Hubei、Guizhou、Shanxi、Henan、Hainan、Shanghai area such as widely used,Has been praised by customers,And with good brand performance continuously expand to more area。     Welcome new and old customers call、Bearer、To negotiate the business of choose and buy、The order ...

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  • Galvanized trough
  • Spraying of cable tray
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